About Us




The name was inspired by the most unlikely pairing of people -- my grandma Jean and.... J. Cole!!! 
The phrase 'For Pete's Sake' always resonated with me because it's my grandma's favorite saying. It's her clean version of cursing, but of course we always knew what she really meant.
We launched the brand on cyber Monday of 2014 around the same time that J. Cole released "Power Trip” featuring Miguel. I already had an attachment to the name and as soon as I heard Cole say "For Pete’s Sake homie pull it together...” I KNEW THAT WAS IT!! That was affirmation that the vintage phrase was on radar, and the rest is history.


The pelican mascot was pretty easy, it's a perfect fit for our identity and lifestyle. First off, we're based in Santa Monica, CA. I have not met a single person living in Santa Monica who doesn't love to be outside. We're on the beach, we're skating, we're at music festivals... we do just about everything outside. 

 The second reason why I choose the pelican is because For Pete's Sake would not be here today if we didn't have an incredible community of super talented people to give us support and feedback when we needed it. The pelican symbolizes our network  -- they survive by scooping up fish in their large pouches and redistributing the wealth amongst friends. 



Our designs are heavily influenced by music. We are launching an independent record label to release some of our favorite artists. We dropped our first mixtape in 2017 “Protect The Code” with The Black Opera, which is a compilation album featuring all the Michigan heavy hitters. Our first official album release will drop in a few months with Chuckeey Mackabee entitled Backayard.

Andrew Kligier, founder of For Pete's Sake

Photo by Trilogybeats